CHallenGES in vertical Farming


Session 1 (9 -10:45)

Welcome and Introduction, Sanjiv Singh (Video)

  1. Why vertical farms?, Dickson Despommier (Video, pdf)

  2. Urban agriculture, aquaponics and the post-industrial city, Emmanuel Pratt (Video, pdf)

  3. Horticulture meets Automation, Naoshi Kondo (Video, pdf)

  4. Lessons and challenges in vertical farming from urban, commercial production of greens, Jenn Nelkin (Video)

Session 2 (11 - 12:30 p)

  1. Controlled Environment Agriculture for Space, Ray Wheeler (Video, pdf)

  2. Civic Interest in Designing Vertical Farms, Martin Felsen (Video)

  3. Role of Plant Factory with Artificial Light in Vertical Farming, Toyoki Kozai (Video, pdf)

  4. Scaling Aeroponics from 2 to 3 dimensions for 30X gain in productivity, Ed Harwood (Video, pdf)

Panel Session (1-1:25 pm)

Despommier, Pratt, Kondo, Nelkin, Felsen, Kozai, Harwood (Video)

Session 3 (1:30 -3p)

  1. Closed-loop Life Support Systems: From Space to Earth, Daniel Schubert (Video)

  2. Living Technologies for the Intensification of Urban Agriculture & Vertical Farming, John Todd (Video, pdf)

  3. Emerging technologies for monitoring and manipulation in controlled environment agriculture, George Kantor (Video)

  4. Indoor cultivation for the future,  Shigeharu Shimamura (Video, pdf)

Session 4 (3:30 - 5pm)

  1. Intelligence Empowered Vertical Farming Systems, KC Ting (Video, pdf)

  2. Using Urban Agriculture to Cultivate Student Success, Devon Patterson (Video, pdf)

  3. Technological Opportunities in Indoor Food Growing Systems: Working examples of South Pole & Moon Applications, Gene Giacomelli (Video, pdf)

  4. Seven misconceptions about Vertical Farming and how we deal with them, Gertjan Meeuws (Video, pdf)

Panel Session (5 - 5:30p)

Schubert, Todd, Kantor, Shimamura, Ting, Patterson, Meuuws (Video)