Portrait of Michael Kaess
Michael Kaess
Associate Research Professor
Top Research Interests
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Computer Vision
  • Sensing and Estimation
Perception is a fundamental challenge for mobile robots navigating through and interacting with their environment. My research focuses on 3D mapping a......
Portrait of George A. Kantor
George A. Kantor
Senior Systems Scientist
Top Research Interests
  • Field & Service Robotics
  • Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
The control of dynamical systems becomes increasingly important as the era of robotics research dominated by quasi-static machines rapidly comes to a......
Portrait of Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael
Associate Research Professor
Top Research Interests
  • Field & Service Robotics
  • Aerial Robotics
  • Robotics for Scientific Discovery and Exploration
Portrait of Sebastian Scherer
Sebastian Scherer
Associate Research Professor
Top Research Interests
  • Aerial Robotics
  • Motion Planning
  • AI Reasoning for Robotics
The availability and advantages of distributed electric propulsion have led to a new design space for flying vehicles. The rise of small multi-copter......
Portrait of Sanjiv Singh
Sanjiv Singh
Consulting Professor
Top Research Interests
  • Aerial Robotics
  • Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Mining Robotics
Autonomous Navigation. This theme is developing motion planning, state estimation and real-time control for ground and air vehicles at various scales.......
Portrait of David Wettergreen
David Wettergreen
Research Professor;
Associate Director for Education
and Director of the Ph.D. Program
Top Research Interests
  • Space Robots and Systems
  • Robotics for Scientific Discovery
  • Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry
I am a research professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My research focuses on robotic exploration: underwater, on the s......
Portrait of William (Red) L. Whittaker
William (Red) L. Whittaker
Founders University Research Professor
Top Research Interests
  • Field & Service Robotics
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Robotics for Scientific Discovery
My research interests center on mobile robots in unpredictable environments, such as natural terrain and outdoor worksites, including computer archite......
Portrait of Ji Zhang
Ji Zhang
Systems Scientist
Portrait of Joseph Bartels
Joseph Bartels
Postdoctoral Fellow
Portrait of Yaoyu Hu
Yaoyu Hu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Portrait of Wennie Tabib
Wennie Tabib
Postdoctoral Fellow
Portrait of Chen Wang
Chen Wang
Postdoctoral Fellow
Portrait of Francisco Yandun
Francisco Yandun
Postdoctoral Fellow
Portrait of Timothy Angert
Timothy Angert
RI Machine Shop Manager
Portrait of Greg Armstrong
Greg Armstrong
Senior Research Technician
Portrait of Kunal Ashok
Kunal Ashok
Portrait of Curtis Boirum
Curtis Boirum
Engineer III
Portrait of Ralph Boirum
Ralph Boirum
Project Administrator II
Portrait of Katarina Cujic
Katarina Cujic
Software / Robotics Engineer
Portrait of Austin Frownfelter
Austin Frownfelter
Research Assistant
Portrait of Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta
Portrait of Ian Higgins
Ian Higgins
Research Associate II
Portrait of Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Senior Project Scientist
Portrait of Nora Kazour
Nora Kazour
Administrative Assistant II
Portrait of John Keller
John Keller
Software / Robotics Engineer
Portrait of David Kohanbash
David Kohanbash
Principal Systems / Software Engineer
Portrait of Lynnetta J. Miller
Lynnetta J. Miller
Assistant To the Director
Portrait of Zania Pothen
Zania Pothen
Research Engineer
Portrait of Theresa C. Richards
Theresa C. Richards
Outreach Program Manager
Portrait of Patti Rote
Patti Rote
FIRST Program Outreach Manager
Portrait of Andrew Saba
Andrew Saba
Systems / Software Engineer
Portrait of Abhisesh Silwal
Abhisesh Silwal
Project Scientist
Portrait of George Skoptsov
George Skoptsov
Senior Research Engineer
Portrait of Joshua Spisak
Joshua Spisak
Research Associate I
Portrait of James Teza
James Teza
Principal Research Engineer
Portrait of Srinivasan Vijayarangan
Srinivasan Vijayarangan
Senior Research Programmer / Analyst, RI PhD Student
Portrait of Wenshan Wang
Wenshan Wang
Project Scientist
Portrait of Warren Whittaker
Warren Whittaker
Senior Field Robotics Specialist
Portrait of Steven Willits
Steven Willits
Field Test Engineer
Portrait of Shibo Zhao
Shibo Zhao
Research Associate II
Portrait of Montiel Abello
Montiel Abello
PhD Student
Portrait of Nicholas Acuna
Nicholas Acuna
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Anish Bhattacharya
Anish Bhattacharya
MSR Student
Portrait of Rogerio Bonatti
Rogerio Bonatti
PhD Student
Portrait of Alberto Candela Garza
Alberto Candela Garza
PhD Student
Portrait of Ellen Cappo
Ellen Cappo
PhD Student
Portrait of Micah Corah
Micah Corah
PhD Student
Portrait of Arjav Ashesh Desai
Arjav Ashesh Desai
PhD Student
Portrait of Eugene Fang
Eugene Fang
PhD Student
Portrait of Rohit Garg
Rohit Garg
MSR Student
Portrait of Kshitij Goel
Kshitij Goel
MSR Student
Portrait of Runbo Guo
Runbo Guo
GoS Teaching Assistant
Portrait of Ming Hsiao
Ming Hsiao
PhD Student
Portrait of Azarakhsh Keipour
Azarakhsh Keipour
PhD Student
Portrait of Derek Mitchell
Derek Mitchell
PhD Student
Portrait of Mohammadreza Mousaei
Mohammadreza Mousaei
PhD Student
Portrait of Cormac O'Meadhra
Cormac O'Meadhra
PhD Student
Portrait of Jay Patrikar
Jay Patrikar
MSR Student
Portrait of Daniel Scher
Daniel Scher
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Portrait of Kumar Shaurya Shankar
Kumar Shaurya Shankar
PhD Student
Portrait of Paloma Sodhi
Paloma Sodhi
PhD Student
Portrait of Alexander Spitzer
Alexander Spitzer
PhD Student
Portrait of Sudharshan Suresh
Sudharshan Suresh
PhD Student
Portrait of Chenfeng Tu
Chenfeng Tu
MSR Student
Portrait of Himanshi Yadav
Himanshi Yadav
MSR Student
Portrait of Fan Yang
Fan Yang
MRSD Student / Research Assistant
Portrait of Xuning Yang
Xuning Yang
PhD Student
Portrait of John Yao
John Yao
PhD Student
Portrait of Hengrui (Henry) Zhang
Hengrui (Henry) Zhang
MSR Student
Portrait of Chun Ming Jeffrey Zhang
Chun Ming Jeffrey Zhang
Robotics Additional Major
Portrait of Dapeng Zhao
Dapeng Zhao
MSR Student
Visitors & Affiliates
Portrait of Basel Alghanem
Basel Alghanem
Portrait of Meghan Chandarana
Meghan Chandarana
Courtesy Student
Portrait of Akshay Hinduja
Akshay Hinduja
Courtesy Student
Portrait of Yafei Hu
Yafei Hu
Courtesy Student
Portrait of Yuheng Qiu
Yuheng Qiu
Portrait of Huai Yu
Huai Yu
Portrait of Junbin Yuan
Junbin Yuan
Portrait of Weikun Zhen
Weikun Zhen
Courtesy Student
Portrait of Hongbiao Zhu
Hongbiao Zhu