George Kantor


George Kantor is a researcher and educator at the Robotics Institute at CMU. His technical interests lie in position estimation and mapping for mobile robots, control of robotic systems with nontrivial dynamics, and wireless networks for distributed sensing and control. His work translates ideas related to these technical interests into rugged systems that reliably solve real-world problems, especially in the application areas of agriculture and mining. He develops experimental robotic systems that demonstrate novel concepts, develops theoretical advances for problems in robot estimation and control, and disseminates knowledge through teaching and outreach. He is dedicated to K-12 STEM educational outreach activities. He directs several STEM educational activities, and he is the co-founder and lead mentor of the Girls of Steel, an all-girls FIRST Robotics Competition team.  He is currently leading an initiative to create a regional center to host a broad range of informal robotics education activities for all ages.


Senior Systems Scientist

The Robotics Institute

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA  15213

office: 1101 Newell Simon Hall

phone: (412)268-7084

email: kantor [at] cmu [dot] edu